Sammie's Story

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I am so thankful for the Bible-centered teaching and preaching at East White Oak. The opportunity to see God more clearly and fully through His Word on Sundays and through Bible studies has given me an increasing security in His character and faithfulness. As I continue to navigate uncertainties in life, I’m so thankful I can trust in a God whom I’ve learned because of the cross, promises to be my strength and refuge, who will never leave me or forsake me, but will remain my ever-present help and hope.

I absolutely love prayer meeting at East White Oak. Wednesday night prayer meeting provides a great opportunity to learn more about different ministries and missionaries affiliated with East White Oak.  Time in prayer for these efforts has allowed me to see the greatness of God working in many unique ways. It is a joy to partner in prayer with others in great anticipation of the work God is doing in, around, and through His people.  Dedicated time in prayer has opened my eyes to how God is moving in the community and world, it has also prompted me to consider ways that I can uniquely be used by God to expand His kingdom.

The intergenerational relationships I have developed at EWO are invaluable to me. I am so thankful for the willingness of wiser, seasoned women who are willing to share life with me. The prayers, genuine care, and wisdom shared with me has encouraged me in so many ways to increasingly seek, depend, trust, and delight in the greatness of The Lord.