Rita's Story

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My brother Charlie was ill, in intensive care.  He was scheduled to have some tests on Monday morning and I was going to be with him.  The Lord brought Martha McNair to my mind so I called her that morning to share what was going on with Charlie and ask how her weekend was.  She had served the Lord at a weekend retreat.  She offered to meet me at the waiting room.  God sent Martha to Advocate that morning.  When I got there, the doctor wanted to meet with me and shared that Charlie was dying and we needed to go to comfort care.  I was devastated, not prepared for that news.  Martha held me as I cried, made some calls for me, prayed with me, and then stayed the day in that waiting room while I sat with Charlie as he died.  Martha and I have been friends for a very long time, and are in small group together.  We have lived life deeply, walking through deep waters together.  My small group members are my brothers and sisters in Christ, precious prayer warriors.  My small group is that place where I find deep fellowship, prayer support, and where we share everyday life.