Tanzania 2018: Tuesday Update

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Update from Kevin May...

Little late on this update as the ‘typical Tuesday’ of a missions trip caught up to us yesterday.  Ya know, the day when the jet lag really kicks in, everyone is feeling a little groggy, and we have been figuring out that we should be drinking way more water!  However, was a good day as we proceeded onto painting the downstairs rooms, built the ceiling in the upper level (Chip and Joanna Gaines would be proud of the guys since the left the beams exposed and just used the boards to show a natural look), and did I mention we painted some more?  We watched three guys build a rock (and I mean ROCK) retaining wall that was probably 80 feet long, 30 inches high and the stairs to go with it all in one day!  This is an EXPENSIVE wall if in the states and not to mention would not be built in one day!  We also watched two guys digging a hole with a pick ax for the septic tank.  Did I mention the 3 boulders in the hole that had to be split?  Yep, that’s right, no problem… just get them hot enough and then smack them w/ a hammer!  The plumbers and electricians showed up and started to make progress on those ends.

So a few takeaways from the day.  First, although we probably would not be laying tile, sanding walls, painting, installing plumbing, and running conduit all in the same room, it seems to work here.  Therefore, we do it and get something accomplished!  Second, the men we are working with are some of the hardest working guys we’ve ever had the privilege of partnering with.  Once they get started, there are only a couple breaks for Chai and bread, but not much more!  Thirdly, working side by side with them is an encouragement. We may not always be able to communicate verbally, but are able to via the interaction we have. 

 Today brings us the opportunity to speak to the kids from the schools and to do more painting!  We really want to be at the point by the time we leave that those girls can move in!  The dorm won’t be entirely done, but to get them into ‘new digs’ would be awesome for them! 

 We appreciate your continued prayer for not just us, but also for the kids, the staff, Pastor Ngussa, and the impact TCRC is having!

 Now we need to go find our paintbrushes….