Tanzania 2018: On Their Way!

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Friday Update | Written by Matt Hughes

The novelty of traveling to a foreign country may seem enchanting on the surface.  And yes, there's excitement about what's to be on the other side and the opportunity to rekindle a complete dependency on the Lord for your daily well-being is a captivating idea.  But going solo on these trips can make the departures less exhilarating and make one question the value.

Counter that with traveling and serving with a small team of individuals who are united in faith, eager to see the Lord at work while joining the battle to make Christ known.  It ignites a spark of enthusiasm that makes the departure less daunting.  And though we never really walk alone as believers, there is something special about having a team alongside you to share the joys and challenges of serving together in this way.

And that togetherness extends to those folks back home who pray us through the journey.  Those who give and live sacrificially so that others may go.  Those who pray for and assist the families who happily share their loved ones with someone else so far away.

As Troy, Ross, Kevin, Jim, and Chris depart this morning for Tanzania, i look forward to their arrival in-country and sharing this adventure with them.  Thank you for standing together with us in so many ways to make this trip and others possible. We pray that every part of our character and conduct will make a favorable impression on those we interact with, and prompt them to ask us how they too may know Christ.

This picture shows the girl's dorm. The team will be working to finish up the dorm so that girls may move in by the end of their trip.