Tanzania 2017: Update in Pictures

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Update from the Tanzania Team (7/29/17)

We had an amazing day on safari in the Serengeti.  We had to pinch ourselves to make certain we were actually seeing hippos to our left, giraffes dead ahead, elephants to the right, and a lioness crouching in the grass, watching all of them as well!

Our final session with the teachers was a Commissioning Service for Christian Educators. The team all spent time fielding questions that the teachers had written for us, then Deb Van Hoorn led all in a commission and a challenge for teachers.  Kim Williamson had created gold stoles with Scripture verses on the end and we had all of the teachers form two lines.  They all came forward, a stole was placed on them, and then two of our team members laid hands on them and prayed for their ministries of teaching.  It was an overwhelmingly holy time!  Micah Ngussa again thanked all of them for coming from their 9 respective schools and then Deb closed in prayer.  Tears flowed as we said good-bye to our colleagues and our Christian brothers and sisters.  Until we meet again!

Pam Scott leading the teachers in a discussion.

Happiness and Tabitha Ngussa took the ladies downtown to look at cloth.  Here Kim Williamson and Happiness are looking at some of the beautiful offerings.

We met Happiness and Tabitha Ngussa in downtown Mwanza, but our van was full so the two of them hopped onto the ever-present motorcycles for a short ride to the stores.

One of our amazing new friends is Moses, here with James Scott.  Moses not only met our every need during the week, he anticipated our every need during the week!  His huge smile and joyful spirit of service inspired all of us.  Here he is loaded down with our bags--he didn't ever want any of us (including the men) to have to carry anything, so we staged this photo but didn't actually make him carry all of these things...just most of these things :)

Here most of the TCRC teachers and our teaching team pose for a final picture.

Ashley Coon was a lover of all of the kids--you'd never guess it was her first missions trip!  She and Pam Scott thought they should teach the girls to waltz.

Matt Hughes had lots of advice while installing lights in the cafeteria.  They made a huge difference!

Ashley Coon, the math teacher on our team, is showing students how to solve a problem.

 Sorry for the lack of communication.  We have been swamped!  We're heading to TCRC shortly, there all day, then heading to NTC tonight. Thank you for your prayers!



John Scott July 31, 2017 3:33pm

Hi to the Scotts and all the team. We were beginning to think we needed to send someone to find you in Africa ala David Livingston! Some great pictures - do we have Katie to thank? That commissioning service must have been very meaningful; I wish I had experienced such a service during my teaching career. Do you sense that God is very real to the people you are working with - more real than to many Christians back in America? Sometimes I think our very wealth here in America stands in between us and God; we tend to rely less on God's grace and power in our lives. Just a thought. I still would like to hear the impressions of the kids. They often see many things we adults tend to miss. We hope and pray that this experience will be for them one of drawing closer to God and vitalizing their faith. Meanwhile we continue to pray for your good health and safety as well as effectively equipping the teachers there to educate and inspire their students.
Love, Dad and Mom Scott