Tanzania 2017: Classrooms & Choirs

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Reflections from team TZ – 7/31/2017

This morning, we prayed for the Landes family who leave today for RVA in Kenya. We feel a special connection with them and we pray that God will give them traveling mercies. We know that God will do a good work in and through them.

This past Saturday (7/29/2017), we had a chance to meet up with Joel Simbitti in Mwanza at our hotel. He brought along his special friend, Pendo. We really enjoyed meeting her; she has a sweet spirit. Joel seems to be very happy.

That afternoon, TCRC held a special ceremony commemorating 20 years as a ministry. It was a great celebration with many local dignitaries in attendance. Pastor Matt (as he is often called here) presented Mika Ngussa with a plaque from EWO in honor of the occasion.

Immediately after the conclusion of the ceremony, the team boarded one of the TCRC school buses and headed for Nassa Theological College. There were quite a few tears shed as we said goodbye, but we were reminded that the tears meant that we left a part of our heart at TCRC.

It was a long drive to NTC, but the time went by quickly as we serenaded any who were within earshot with songs ranging from Broadway musicals to hymns and praise songs (most of the time we stayed on key). We pulled in to NTC after dark and the team was treated to another wonderful meal.

Sunday morning (7/30/2017) we worshipped at the church in the village of Shigala. It was a wonderful, energetic service! We heard from both the children’s choir and the adult choir. We think Doug should incorporate some of their style in our own choir. After church, we were treated to a meal in John Silas’ home (the founder of Yordan English Medium School, where we will be presenting this week). After lunch, we had a short tour of the campus. We were all surprised when the first stop on the tour was a ribbon cutting ceremony where the newest girls’ dorm was dedicated in honor of Matt!  After the tour, we were treated to a program in which we heard from the children’s choir again and heard of the history of the school.

Today (Monday, July 31, 2017), we visited the school, experienced some of the classrooms, and began the Conference. We got off to a good start and we are looking forward to the next 2 days of sessions. In case anyone is wondering, the team is eating well as we have been invited for lunch and dinner every day this week! Rice, beans, chicken, and goat seem to be staples in the local cuisine. A jar of toothpicks can be found on every table.

Everyone at NTC and Shigala village are very warm, hospitable, and thankful. They have so little, but are so generous with us. It is truly humbling to be among the people here.