Tanzania 2017: Adjusting Expectations & God's Blessings

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Reflections from the Scotts (7/23/2017)

We are sitting here in our bed under our mosquito net and thinking back over what we have experienced since leaving Carlock last Wednesday. We found travel harder than expected; adjustment to the time change also harder than expected. We are in the middle of Mwanza which has a population of 2 million! That is larger than we expected and more urban than we expected. It is 10:30 Sunday night and the noises of the city are all around and seeping into our room. At certain, very predictable times of the day, we can hear the very loud Muslim call to prayer. It is a stark reminder of the battlefield that we are now on. We have now spent 2 days at TCRC getting acclimated. Amid the noisy city, God’s peace is palpable when we are at TCRC. The children are an absolute joy and encouragement to us. This is exactly what we expected. They have our hearts!

Not being able to understand the language has heightened our sense of isolation and need to rely on God to provide what we need. Swahili is a challenge. The kids are picking it up much better than Mom and Dad. Please pray that the teachers can understand our English during the conference.

We (the Scotts) had the opportunity to hear Mika Ngussa preach this morning at a local large Lutheran church. Mika introduced us and we brought greetings from East White Oak. They warmly welcomed us. Mika preached about giving and after the service, the people made donations of agricultural products like chickens, goats, milk, pineapples, flour, etc. The products were then auctioned off to the people with the proceeds going to the church. Someone purchased 2 pineapples for us! We also got to hear the TCRC choir sing a couple songs.

Please pray for the beginning of the conference tomorrow. There are many logistics to work out, but we are confident that God will provide all that we need to do what He has called us to do, or He will teach us to be flexible.


John Scott July 26, 2017 12:21pm

Thanks for the blog! Real travel like you have done is bound to stretch your tolerances and force reliance on God's grace. Hope you enjoyed the pineapples. Interesting how we do the same kind of thing with our food pantries - but not live chickens and goats! We are praying for you all especially as you experience the real pressure of a different culture. We would love to hear from Andrew, Katie, Meg, and James as to what they are experiencing and what they observe, not that mom and dad's comments are not equally welcome. We love you all and put our complete trust in God's care for you.
Mom and Dad Scott