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2018 TRIPS


Tanzania teachers trip
Two-Week trip june 23 - July 8, 2018

Last summer, East White Oak sent a team to Tanzania to train teachers. This summer, another team will return to continue their work.

What’s the same?

1. Our Ministry Locations: Tanzania Children’s Rescue Center (TCRC), Yordan School, Mavuno Village, and Nassa Theological College
2. Our Focus: We will be serving EWO supported missionaries: Micah and Happiness Ngussa (TCRC) & training and interacting with many teachers, staff, families, and children that we met last year.
3. Our Vision: Making a difference in teachers’ lives involves coaching, training, and discipling them.
4. Our Goal: To help teachers enhance what they are already doing in their classroom and to encourage them to take their instruction a step further, all from a Christian perspective.

What’s different?

1. Our New Friends: Robert and Gertrude Gwabo, (headmasters of TCRC secondary and primary schools) asked us to train about these topics: Lesson planning, reading, positive classroom environment.
2. Our Approach: We will engage teachers in an application-based workshop where they will participate in creating lessons and developing new strategies for their first week of school in July. Also, we will model how to develop a Christ-centered classroom and Gospel driven relationships.
3. Our Talents: God has gifted our team with: (1) A counselor who is ready to meet with teachers and staff. (2) A nurse who is also musically talented to help lead worship. (3) Four teachers skilled as either primary or secondary level educators.

It is an honor to serve the Lord and to join Him in the work He continues to do in Tanzania. We seek to serve Him with humble and teachable hearts and wait expectantly to see and experience all that God has planned. We appreciate any way that you can help. In Christ—Your Tanzania Team

Photos from 2017:


new York city
july 22-28

7-day and 4-day trips are available. $875 / $610 per person. Share God's story in New York City this summer!  Choose from 1 of 3 Ministry Tracks.  New York City is one of the most diverse cities in the world.  You can shine God's light into a city that needs Him desperately.  Visit spreadtruth.com/experiences or contact Pat Gregory