Weddings at The Oak


At East White Oak Bible Church, we believe that marriage is a union of one woman and one man in which they commit, with God’s help, to building a loving, faithful relationship that lasts for a lifetime.  The bride and groom vow to become husband and wife and are joined by God. This begins a life-long covenant that can only be broken by death. It is imperative that couples do more than merely plan a wedding ceremony, they must prepare for a lifetime of marriage. In fulfilling the responsibilities of Christian marriage and building a Christian home, a couple ensures positive consequences that will have tremendous impact, in their own lives and in the lives of others. As we begin the process of establishing a Christian marriage, we make the first steps toward building a godly heritage.

The Wedding Process at East White Oak

  1. Meet with a pastoral staff member or the wedding coordinator to receive information on East White Oak policies and procedures.
  2. Make steps to conform to all requirements set forth in the policies.
  3. Sign and return premarital covenant.
  4. Wedding is scheduled on the church calendar.
  5. Schedule follow up meeting (s) with the Wedding Coordinator as needed.
  6. Engage in premarital counseling with staff pastor.
  7. All fees due two weeks prior to wedding date.
  8. Wedding rehearsal and wedding event.

Given all the necessary preparation it is obvious that several months will be needed to move through this process. Couples should fix a wedding date that permits this process to be completely and sincerely fulfilled.

East White Oak General Wedding Policies

We ask that every couple married at East White Oak conform completely to the policies below. In return we offer you our pastors, who will guide you as you prepare to establish a Christian home, our wedding coordinator, who will make planning much easier for you, our church fellowship, who will nurture you in your marriage, and our beautiful church facility, which will wonderfully adorn your wedding day.

  • Because of the scope of the East White Oak ministry, weddings are restricted to members and regular attenders.
  • When weddings include a reception in the church fellowship hall, the wedding should begin no later than 2:00 P.M.
  • Wedding parties are responsible for returning the church facility to the condition it was found, immediately at the conclusion of the event.
  • No rice or birdseed in the facility please. No use of tacks, nails, staples or other decorating items which may cause damage to the facility. The Wedding Coordinator should be consulted on all decorating matters, including when the facility is available for decorating.
  • No alcohol or smoking is permitted on church property. Please refrain from any activity during the wedding events which may be objectionable to Christians.
  • Since weddings are worship services, all music used must be Christian music. Please submit all music selections to the Wedding Coordinator 2 weeks before the wedding.
  • Tables and chairs and other property normally used at church events are available. Some restrictions may be placed on kitchen items. Decisions of the Wedding Coordinator on these matters are final.
  • Lost or damaged items are the responsibility of those using the facility.
  • Fee Schedule: Contact the Office Manager.

East White Oak Pastoral Policies

Every couple seeking a wedding at East White Oak should ask themselves a question: are you merely seeking a wedding ceremony or are you seeking to prepare for the responsibilities of Christian marriage and building a Christian home? Couples should recognize that the calling of the pastors of East White Oak Bible Church is such that we are focused on the latter. Consequently, our policies are in line with this objective.

  1. Both parties must demonstrate a genuinely submissive spirit to the pastoral guidance they receive.
  2. Approximately five pre-marital counseling sessions will be required including testing and assigned reading.
  3. The couple will be expected to understand and embrace a biblical covenant of marriage (a commitment for life, vowed before God).
  4. Both parties must give evidence of saving faith in Christ. This is more than nominal Christian faith. Both couples must be born again of the Spirit, having personally trusted in Jesus Christ for salvation.
  5. Given the clear statement of Scripture, our pastors can not marry a believer to one who is not yet a believer.
  6. Given the importance of the nurture of Christian marriages, couples must evidence a commitment to active participation in the believing community.
  7. As God's Word states that sexual purity before marriage is the only acceptable standard, couples are required to establish such a standard in their relationship.
  8. Couples who are living together will be expected to establish separate residences and maintain sexual purity for the duration of the preparation process.
  9. If there is divorce in the background of either party, this should be made known immediately to the pastor. These couples will be referred to a separate handout "Divorce and Remarriage at East White Oak."
  10. Couples will be asked to sign a premarital covenant agreement. Only after this step is sincerely taken will a wedding date be confirmed on the church calendar.


Pre-Marital Covenant Agreement

Covenant Agreement Download (PDF).

Please submit this agreement to the church office.

Upon receipt of this signed covenant, the wedding can be placed on the church calendar. Our pastors retain the right to end the pre-marital process and cancel East White Oak's participation in the wedding if this agreement is not sincerely fulfilled.