Covid-19 Updates

Sunday Worship & Livestream

We plan to have our weekly worship service outdoors whenever possible. If the weather makes an outdoor service impractical, we will meet indoors at 9:00 & 10:30am. This Sunday, September 27, we plan to have an Outdoor Worship Service at 10:30am. See details here. If you are not already signed up for our Thursday e-bulletin, we encourage you to sign up to receive weekly updates in your e-mail inbox.


Children's Ministry on Sunday Mornings has returned!

Nursery-6th Grade programs will be offered Sundays at 10:30am during the main service. All the details are available here.

(8/13) Message from Pastor Scott: Introduction to New COVID Protocols

"Until now, we at East White Oak Bible Church have not established any written protocol regarding COVID symptoms or such things. Circumstances have pressed us to establish such a written protocol. The elders have approved written expectations for our fellowship as it relates to COVID infection, symptoms, testing, etc. We like the word, “expectations,” because we are not intending to be police or enforcers or anything like that. We simply want to have everyone know that this is what is expected when we gather together, so that no one is surprised by what they encounter when they join us for worship, fellowship, and study of the Word of God. Please know that we do not do this because we want to. We’d much prefer to have no protocol at all. Please hear our hearts on this." Read full message here...

COVID Protocols

East White Oak Children's Ministry Protocols
East White Oak Protocols for Exposure / Infection

Facility Guidelines

Social Distancing

Keep 6 feet of distance from anyone who is not part of your household.

Face Masks

We require masks as you enter/exit or move around the building.

Building Zones

Stay in your assigned area of the building. Use the building entrances and restrooms that are designated for your area. During the week, our building is divided into 3 zones as well as use of the Banquet Room and Picnic Pavilion. On Sunday mornings the building is divided into 2 zones for Worship Services.

Group Meetings

Groups (including those with childcare needs) are allowed in our facility, while following our guidelines. If your group would like to reserve meeting space, contact Tanya in the church office (454-3833 or  ). Your group will be limited to your assigned zone of the building using only your reserved rooms, entrances, and restrooms within the building, as well as use of the Banquet Room and Picnic Pavilion. (See updated map for details.)