Growing at The Oak

I once had a friend explain to me how he became lost while driving. He said that he did not know how to get to where he was going.  He noticed that there was a car ahead of him that “looked like it knew where it was going.”  So, he followed it! Needless to say, following that car caused my friend to become hopelessly lost.

This is just a silly story. 

However, when it comes to our relationship with Christ and the purpose of the church, we can ill afford to follow my friend’s plan.

Where are we going?  How do we get there? 

These are critical questions. At East White Oak Bible Church we know where we are going and have constructed our ministry to get there.We would be glad to have you join us for the journey.

Pastor Scott

DESTINATION: Maturity in Christ

 Here are some things that are true about a maturing follower of Jesus.  They are...

Growing in Christ

Having placed one’s complete trust in Christ alone as his or her means of forgiveness and salvation he or she has a desire to know Jesus better, love him more, and serve him more faithfully with their lives.

Dedicated to the Bible and Prayer

The practice of Bible study and prayer shape one’s mind to think Christianly and equips us for impacting the world for Christ.

Committed to Obedience and Christian Living

The relationship with Jesus changes not only the way one thinks but the way one lives.  Our lives are evidence that our hearts belong to Jesus.

Living on Mission and for Outreach

One’s ambition is changed.  Life is no longer about you.  It’s about Him and how one can serve and honor Him in their living.  Not the least of which is telling others about Jesus.

“How can I get there?” 
This is precisely why you need the church.  The church, if functioning biblically, is God’s ordained means of “getting you there”.  Here at The Oak, we have three key pathways developed to bring us all to the destination of maturity in Christ.

THE PATHWAY: Celebration, Community, And Cell


Sunday morning worship service

The priority of the Sunday morning experience is hearing God speak through the study of His Word, clearly explaining the meaning and application of the text of the Bible.  Prayer and singing round out this time dedicated to worshipping the one true God.


Sunday morning Adult Bible Fellowships (ABFs)

The Oak is not the biggest church in America but it is big enough that people could come regularly for the Celebration but remain anonymous.  Biblical Christianity is not lived out in anonymity it is lived out in community.  ABFs create environments where relationships are nurtured.


Small Groups

There is a depth of “knowing” only achievable in smaller gatherings.  Life can get messy and being authentic and open about our messes is usually reserved for only our closest relationships.  Sharing the joys, struggles and sorrows of life with other believers should be the experience of every Christ-follower.

We believe that God wants East White Oak Bible Church to be a group of people growing toward maturity in Christ.  We believe that the best ways to facilitate that is through these pathways to maturity.  Our mission is stated well by the Apostle Paul in Colossians 1:28: "Him we proclaim, warning everyone and teaching everyone with all wisdom, that we may present everyone mature in Christ."

 To download the full document on "Our Destination: Maturity in Christ" please click here.