Winter Electives 2020

Six terrific electives are coming to Sunday mornings at The Oak. Beginning Sunday, February 2 you are invited to attend one of these six-week electives.  All adults are invited, whether you currently attend an ABF or not. 

Discovering Membership

EWOBC Elders / 9:00am
Examine the mission and history of the church, doctrine, ordinances, and the devotional life. This is the next step for anyone pursuing church membership.

Responding to Life's Difficulties

Eric Rhodes / 9:00am
Hear stories from those who have lost their spouse, had children stray from the faith, lived through life threatening illness, and more. How might the Bible inform your own response to “trial and tribulation”?

Christ-Centered Parenting

Jon Scott / 9:00am
Prepare to have meaningful conversations with your children about pornography, identity, homosexuality, abortion, technology, and more...all from a gospel perspective.

The Art of Neighboring

Pastor Justin Waples / 9:00am
When Jesus summed up everything important into one command, he said to love God and love your neighbor. What if Jesus meant that we should love our actual neighbors?

The Prayers of Jesus

Dirk May / 10:30am
Jesus was a man of prayer who deeply valued intimate communion with his heavenly Father. What can we learn from the prayers he prayed?

Building Your Life on the Promises of God

Dave Rowden / 10:30am
The pressures of this world can weigh you down. Living a life of confidence in God is available to you. You have everything you need in God’s divine power and His precious promises.


Why do we offer winter electives?

Change can be hard. We get into a routine and it gets comfortable. Same time, same place, same people is non-threatening. So, sometimes we resist change.

Is there any good reason to change up Sunday mornings?
Why would anyone mess with everyone’s Sunday morning routine, cancel ABFs, and ask that everyone attend an elective? Could there be any good reason to embrace this temporary change? Consider these advantages:
• Going deep in one particular area of interest.
• Hearing from new and different teachers with different styles and personalities.
• Rubbing shoulders with people you would not typically interact with.
• Nurturing your ability to be flexible and adaptable in other areas of life.

Can you think of any other ways in which this temporary change could be a good thing in your life? Why not give it a try?