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What is the #hopeforafool campaign about?

Easter Sunday 2018 falls on April Fools Day. #hopeforafool is based around Pastor Scott’s Easter message, the story of The Thief on the Cross. In the book of Luke, we are told of the thief hanging next to Jesus on the cross—reaping the consequences of his foolish choices. But then he turned to Christ and found hope! All of us can identify with this story. We realize our foolishness, we turn to Christ, and we find hope—sometimes over and over again—as God works in our hearts and grows us toward maturity. Could you share a story about a time like this in your own life?

Imagine the impact of multiple stories popping up in our community’s social media feed the week before Easter: stories about God working in lives and bringing hope. Can you imagine the possible impact if people in our community were able to hear our collective testimony? Will you join us?


Please let us know. We want to pray for you!

I'm planning to share my story on social media!

story instructions

Download the complete instructions.

Prepare to Share Your Story
      • Ask God to give you wisdom about what to share. Pray for courage to share boldly. Pray that God will miraculously use your story to touch someone else’s life.
      • Take time to write out your story. Keep your story brief! You should be able to read your story out loud in 1-2 minutes.
Your story should have 3 sections:

1. The Fool: I was a fool because...
2. The Turn: I turned to Jesus when...
3. My Hope: My hope is in...

Choose what format you’d like to use for your story
  1. Video: Use your smartphone or other device to record yourself telling your story (or have someone record for you). Feel free to read your story. Don’t worry about looking polished or perfect! The best stories are casual, imperfect, and real.
  2. Text/Picture: Take a picture to post with your written story. A picture of yourself is best, but you can use any picture that relates to your story.
Post Your Story on Social Media
        • Post your story on YOUR social media platform (Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter) sometime during the week of March 25 – April 1.
        • If you are willing to have your story shared by East White Oak’s Facebook page, set your post to “public.”
        • Copy/paste this wording at the end of your post: #hopeforafool Learn more at ewo.org/easter
        • Pray! Ask God to use your story in someone’s life. Be prepared to respond to comments, and make sure to do so graciously.
Be part of the bigger #hopeforafool campaign
        • Watch for other stories posted with the hashtag #hopeforafool and share them.
        • Comment on other stories and look for opportunities to engage in conversation.
Video Example