2020 Trip to Israel

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Are you interested in knowing the historical and geographical context of the Bible? Do you want to know how to understand the Bible better in its physical context? Do you wish that the places of the Bible were more familiar to you? Come with us to Israel and learn all this and more!


While the specific itinerary will not be worked out for a bit, we will anticipate having an itinerary similar to the following (very subject to change at this point):
3 days in the South and the wilderness (including Beersheba, Masada, En-gedi, Qumran, the Dead Sea, and Jericho)
5 days in Jerusalem and environs (including the City of David, the Mount of Olives, the Old City, the Herodion, the Shephelah)
However, far more important than the places that we go, we will be learning the land of the Bible and the routes that were used in ancient times. We will plan to do lots of walking so that we can experience the land and not simply bus from place to place without really knowing where we are.
4 days on the coast and in Galilee and the north (including Caesarea, Megiddo, Capernaum, Caesarea Philippi, Dan, the Mount of Beatitudes)


Our trip will be led by three guides. Scott Boerckel, senior pastor of East White Oak Bible Church, will be our tour director. He has lots of experience in the land since 1983 (his oldest son was born in Jerusalem). Steve Lancaster, pastor of Marion Bible Fellowship in Marion, Ohio, is one of the finest experts in the world in the historical geography of Israel. His integration of the biblical text with his knowledge of the land is extraordinary. Scott and Steve love traveling the land of the Bible together and sharing it with others! Daniel Lischinsky, a wonderful Jewish believer, will serve as our Israeli guide.


1) Sign up! Just let us know that you are interested in the trip. At this point, all we need to know is your contact information and that you are interested. No obligations or commitments are required at this point. The ideal trip will have forty people that come, since that fills one bus.
2) Save some money. The trip will cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $4000-$4500. We have not worked out the precise costs yet, but that will be known well in advance of the trip and before you will put down any deposits.
3) Get in as good a physical condition as you can. The trip will be best enjoyed if you are able to walk quite a bit. We do make arrangements for those unable to do so. However, it is best enjoyed by those who are fit enough to walk some distances.
4) Attend meetings. We will have map orientation and trip meetings at least four times before we go on the trip. This will have homework and will require you to purchase the maps that cost $30.
5) Pray that the Lord will guide you as you decide to join this adventure. The goal of this trip is to transform your reading of the Bible, that you will understand the “playing board” on which the events of the Bible took place and so never see the Bible again apart from its geographical context.