Electives 2018

February 4 – March 11

Beginning February 4, all ABFs will participate in six-week elective classes during their regular meeting times. Choose a topic that interests you! All adults are invited to participate, whether you currently attend an ABF or not.

Christ-Centered Parenting / Jon Scott / 9:00am
Get equipped to have meaningful conversations with your children about pornography, identity, homosexuality, abortion, technology, and more all from a gospel perspective.

Discovering Membership / EWOBC Elders / 9:00am
Examine the mission and history of the church, doctrine, ordinances, and the devotional life. This is the next step for anyone pursuing church membership.

Evangelism / Tod Birdsall / 9:00am
Do you ever wish that you knew more about how to engage with Atheists, Jews, Hindus, Muslims, Mormons, and Jehovah’s Witnesses? Find out how.

What is a Healthy Church / EWOBC Elders / 9:00am
There are no perfect churches, but some are healthier than others. Find out how to assess the health of a church, your own or someone else’s?

The Majesty and Glory of God’s Names / Dirk May / 10:30am 
No single name could convey the fullness of God’s character and works. Learn the meanings of God’s names to know Him more fully and experience Him more deeply.

(Re-)Creative Quiet: Solitude with Christ / Peter Spychalla / 10:30am
Does our 24-7, always-on, noisy world leave you frazzled and weary? Explore with us how creative -- and recreative -- quiet solitude with Christ can bring rest, refreshment, and renewal to your soul.

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