Meet 'n Eat

Get to know others at The Oak while enjoying a meal together! 

  • A "Meet 'n Eat" group is between 9 and 12 people (including the host)
  • Choose to host or simply participate. 
  • Groups will be formed several times a year (August, October, February, April, June)
  • Typically children are not a part of the evening but a host may decide to invite children based on the group dynamics.

Host Responsibilities:

  • You will receive a list of group participants from the "Meet 'n Eat" Coordinator
  • Communicate with your assigned group to determine date, time, & location. It could be your home, a restaurant, or other location.
  • Organize who will bring what to the potluck. Host serves the meat.
  • Possibly plan a casual activity after the meal such as conversation questions or game.

August 2018 groups are full. Sign up will begin in September for October groups.

Questions? Contact Pastor Traig ( )