Two nurseries are staffed with loving volunteers during each of the Sunday morning worship services (9:00 AM and 10:30 AM) to provide safe, individualized care for the youngest ACORNS at East White Oak.  All nursery supervisors and volunteers have been screened and approved to care for the children. To view the Nursery Policy and Procedure Handbook, click here.

Nursery 1 (Infants)

Infants aged 4 weeks to approximately 12 months (or until the child is walking well) are cared for in Nursery 1 which is located in Room 120.  There is a ratio of 1 adult to every 2 infants to help ensure that the babies have as much individualized attention and care as possible.   Nursery 1 contains age appropriate toys, swings and plenty of rocking chairs to love and comfort your child!  A sleep and nursing room is also located in Nursery 1.

Nursery 2 (Toddlers)

Little ones on the move need their own special place to spend time being loved and cared for by followers of Christ.  Nursery 2 is for toddlers aged approximately 1 to 2 years old (ably walking children until they are of the age to move to Toddler programs).  The care ratio is one adult to every 4 toddlers.  Located in Room 117, lots of age appropriate toys can be found in Nursery 2 and there is a snack time during each service.

Drop off/Pick up Procedures

When you drop your child off in either nursery, you will hand him or her over the counter to a nursery supervisor.  You will be asked to sign your child in on the sheet provided.  You will then be given a bracelet with a number that corresponds with the number on your baby’s name tag and a vibrating pager.  The bracelet helps us to provide secure pick-up for your child at the end of his/her nursery stay and the pager will help us to contact you if your child needs you while in our care.