K-6th Grade


Children in Kindergarten through 6th grade are learning and growing at a rapid rate! The grade school programs at East White Oak Bible Church are designed to teach that God’s Word is true, important and relevant at every age. It is our prayer that the children will absorb these truths and call upon them as they live out their daily lives. Classes are staffed with teachers who are eager to be used of God to display His loving care as they develop relationships with the children. All grade school classes are staffed by teachers who have been screened and approved to teach the children.  

K-6th Grade School Sunday School, 9:00 AM

Throughout the school year, Kindergarteners they learn about Moses and the Israelites, the teachings of Jesus and adventures of the early church. 

First Grade
Our first graders study the book of Genesis, Jesus’ authority and healing, and various men of the early church.

Second Grade
Children in second grade explore King David, Elijah the prophet, and the teachings of the Lord Jesus.

Third Grade
Third graders spend the year as “God’s Secret Agents” always looking for evidence of God at work around them and they study lessons such as the names of God, Following God and Jesus: The Good Shepherd.

Fourth Grade
Fourth graders sing, pray and explore God’s Word together. The lessons they study are interactive and full of the fascinating history and geography of early Israel. Jesus feeding the 5,000 and healing the blind man as well as Namaan’s healing are some of the lessons examined.

Fifth and Sixth Grade Girls
The fifth and sixth grade girls experience a two year adventure in which they follow Christ.  During the fifth grade year, the girls learn from topics such as Who Is God, Who Is the Holy Spirit and What Is Prayer. The sixth grade girls continue the journey with units of study that help them build an active faith such as Witnessing, Stewardship, and the Importance of Obedience. 

Fifth Grade Boys
Growing in their faith, the fifth grade boys study various topics in God’s Word, such as making godly choices in entertainment, the person of the Holy Spirit, and the Trinity to develop them as disciples of Christ. 

Sixth Grade Boys
Striving to deepen their faith and make it their own, the sixth grade boys study lessons such as Satan, the Deceiver, The Light of the Gospel of Jesus, and The Church. Each lesson is designed to view all of life through the truth of Scripture. 

Children’s Church, 10:30 AM (September - May)

Boys and girls who are in Kindergarten through second grade gather together to learn about worshiping God in Children’s Church. They enjoy a time of fun and fellowship at the beginning of the service in room 148 and make their way to their own “worship center” in room 150. They hear a message shared from God’s Word in age appropriate language, learn a Bible verse, worship in song and learn about men, women and children on the mission field during each of their times together.