Summer Bible Reading

This summer we have a special opportunity for your child!

The ESV Bible Study Reading plan The Oak is using will be in the book of Matthew for a portion of the summer. We want you to invite your children to come along for the journey by reading the book of Matthew! It is our prayer and hope that each child deepens his/her relationship with God by reading God’s Word for themselves.

Bible reading brochures to help children read through the book of Matthew are available below. Each guide offers 40 days of reading (spread out over 8 weeks). Bible reading journals are available in the hallway at East White Oak. In addition, there will be some resources offered to children who wish to participate including a Bible Journal and Dictionary. Sign up for the program beginning June 2!

Brochures (including a reading checklist!)

Summer Bible Reading Grades 1-3
Summer Bible Reading Grades 4-6

Tips to help your child develop a holy habit of Bible reading:

  • Set aside specific time in your calendar to meet with God. Do it together!
  • Establish a place where all are comfortable and able to focus.
  • Pray, or encourage your child to pray, before meeting with God.
  • Don’t MAKE children share what they discover BUT offer time to share.
  • If your child uses a journal, make sure they know that correct spelling and complete sentences are NOT required.
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