Prayer Ministries

For more information, contact Pastor Scott Boerckel.

Sunday Morning Prayer

Prayer with the Pastor (8:15 AM)

Partner in prayer with Pastor Scott Boerckel each Sunday morning from 8:15-8:29 AM in Room 174 (Prayer Room). Be part of the team that intercedes for God's blessings on the preaching of His word at EWO.

12 Minute Huddle (8:31 AM)

Pray for children at EWO each Sunday morning from 8:31-8:43 AM in Room 174 (Prayer Room). Partner with Children's Ministry leaders, teachers, parents, and others to pray for the spiritual nurture of children at EWO. Just 12 minutes!

Pre-Game Prayer (8:45 AM)

Pray for a vibrant, life-changing work of God in our midst at EWO each Sunday morning from 8:45-8:57 AM in Room 174 (Prayer Room). Pray that both visitors and long-time attendees at EWO would be welcomed, encouraged, and spiritually strengthened through song, study, and friendship at EWO.

Prayer Corps (9:00 & 10:30 AM)

Be part of a team that prays once a month during a Sunday morning worship service in Room 174 (Prayer Room) for the effective ministry of God's word among the congregation and for a wide range of personal and ministry needs at EWO.

Wednesday Evening Prayer

Wednesday Evening Prayer Meeting (6:45 PM Sept. - May, 7:00 PM summer)

Join with several dozen others in our main prayer meeting of the week in room 171 (Video Overflow).   This dynamic prayer time is kingdom-focused:  our goal is to pray for the progress of the gospel across a wide range of ministries at EWO and beyond.  We begin in song and praise.  We frequently have EWO mission teams and EWO-supported missionaries present during a portion of our time.  Then we pray in smaller groups for the furtherance of God's work.  Capture a greater vision of God's gospel work, both locally and across the world.  Learn to pray biblically and effectively for His work.  Leave refreshed and renewed by God's presence.

Special Prayer Gatherings

Prayer Ministries facilitates special prayer gatherings, whether public or private, from time to time.  Examples of public gatherings include Outreach Prayer with other churches, National Day of Prayer gatherings, and prayer for special church needs such as the seeking of a pastor.  Private prayer gatherings have included prayer with families concerning troubled marriages, wayward children, or other special needs of a private nature.


From time to time, Prayer Ministries offers studies on prayer and training sessions.